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As I Lay Dying – Shaped By Fire, Gatefold, Ltd Clear Vinyl, 300 Copies

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What fans said about As I Lay Dying – Shaped By Fire

“Arguably the best album I have heard in a long time! As I Lay Dying has pushed past their limit once again bringing Metalcore to its roots. The best part about this albums release is being caught a little off guard, it’s almost like going back to the Metalcore days but better!”

“Fantastic comeback for the band. One of the most consistently hard-hitting Metalcore bands to come out of the 2000’s scene. Wovenwar was never really my thing. The aggression on this record–the pure rage–, all backed by fantastic production makes this my favorite true-blue and straight-bred Metalcore album of the year.”

“Definitely some of AILD’s best work, I absolutely love every single song in the Shaped by Fire album.”

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