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BAEST – Necro Sapiens, Black Vinyl, Incl CD, LP

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BAEST announces new album release 2021!

Denmark’s premium Death Metal export BAEST announces new album Necro Sapiens, which is set for release early 2021. Necro Sapiens is the follow up to the band’s two highly praised albums, Danse Macabre (2018) and Venenum (2019).

BAEST release following announcement regarding their highly anticipated release:

“In an attempt to sink the world further into decay, BAEST will release their awaited third full-length album ‘NECRO SAPIENS’ at the beginning of 2021.”

The band further mentions: “Necro Sapiens is ultimately the most BAEST-sounding record. The influences are there, but this is by far the record, where we sound the most like ourselves. The best BAEST there is!”

See the official video for Meathook Massacre here


  1. The Forge
  2. Genesis
  3. Necro Sapiens
  4. Czar
  5. Abattoir
  6. Goregasm
  7. Towers of Suffocation
  8. Purification Through Mutilation
  9. Meathook Massacre
  10. Sea of Vomit

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