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Cytotoxin – Nuklearth, Gatefold, Limited Mercury Silver, 1000 Copies

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What fans said about Cytotoxin – Nuklearth

“CHUGG CHUGG CHUGG. this album is fuckn fully tops. If you like heavy music you’re gonna live this. Pull up a chair near the window, grab a beer and the sling shot and enjoy life listening to this album. I rate this album highly. Finally great to hear a whole consistent album instead of one or two good songs and a bunch of shit you wouldn’t even wash out Donald Trump’s mouth with (that shits for fists). Not a bad tune on here. Yurt!”

“This album is bad ass – I own the Limited Edition, 180G Gatefold – Mercury Colour.”

“Top 5 Death Metal LP 2020 straight outta Chernobyl with piercing onslaughts of guitar and, for its genre, groove-based blast beats. Scorching \m/ Favorite track: Soul Harvester.”


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